Book Stack

Books. Words.

Love language of my soul.

Respite from the stress of life.

The love of books runs deep in me and in a world of lost interest in reading, I hope to share the passion of reading with you, dear reader.

I’m going to try to recommend books here and update what books I’m currently reading or what I’ve read or what’s on my constantly growing stack to read.

A Disclaimer: my convictions/boundaries on what books I read may well contradict with your comfort level. If so, I’m going to assume you are adult enough to discern for yourself what you can or cannot conscientiously read. I tend to approach books with an open voracious mind and have learned to pick out what I personally can agree with and what I must disagree with in a given written piece. So just because I link to a certain book, it doesn’t mean that I wholeheartedly embrace everything presented in that particular book but it does mean that I think there is value in reading the book with a discerning heart and mind.

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