I am not less, I am more.

More than the depression

More than the anxiety

More than the pain

More than the medications

More than the label.


I am not less, I am more.

More than “just” a woman

More than what culture says I am

More than just what I have to offer

More than who others think I am

More than I can even imagine.


I am loved

I am seen

I am heard

I am His beloved

I am MORE than I can ever dream.

In light of today being International Women’s Day. Ladies, we are all MORE!


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It only takes one moment:

That one phone call that changes your life.

The phone call that says “Dad’s had an accident.”

That moment when the doctors say, “The prognosis isn’t good.”

That moment when all life-giving care is stopped and comfort care begins.

That moment when you feel life leaving the hand you’re holding.

That moment when you say good-bye for the very last time.

That moment when the lid on the casket thuds shut.

That moment when you see your larger than life hero lowered into the grave.

That moment when the first shovelful of dirt echoes loud against the lid of the casket.

It only takes one moment for your heart to fall to pieces.

It only takes one moment for your life to change forever.

RIP Dad. You are forever loved and missed deeply. Love, your baby girl.


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Isaac walking with Abraham to the altar for a time of worship

He says, “Father, we have the wood and the fire but where is the ram for sacrifice?”

Abraham says, “God himself will provide the ram.”

Isaac had no clue that his father was prepared to sacrifice his only son;

Isaac thought God would provide.

Abraham thought the provision of a promise was going to go up in smoke in front of his eyes.

Related image

When it looks like we’re giving all we’ve got

And we’re putting our very heart’s desire on the altar

Where’s our statement that God will provide?

We want only good things provided for us

But what if God’s good provisions don’t make sense to us?

What if it looks like God only provides tough trials, strong temptation, difficult decisions, and hard choices?

What if God says my heart is to provide with your inherent good in mind but first you need to trust me?

What is God asking you to trust him to provide on your walk to the altar of worship?

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Place of My Own

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So many implications in such a small word.
It’s a building, a dwelling, position or rank, a specific space, an action.

A place in life is much sought after:

A place to belong,
A place to call home,

maya angelou place

A place to find meaning,
A place in this world that only I can fill.

This place for me in this world, it’s a specific space,
A position that Abba designed for me,
A space he has specifically created for me.

rumi place

This place Abba has dreamed for me,
This place, it makes where I call home just a transient waypoint.
This place is where I belong, it’s where he promises I will find my meaning.

helen keller place

This place, an action to which he is calling me.
This place to which he draws me,
I am the only one created to fill that place in his Masterpiece.

place of true healing

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Comfort: (FMF Link-Up)

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Comfort in the wake of a loss that rocked my world,

Comfort not through words but actions,

Hold my hand in this journey through grief.

Please just sit in silence with me; cry with me.

Words aren’t needed to comfort my weeping heart.

Your presence is comfort to my soul.

Comfort in the soft nuzzle of my horse and the kisses of my dog.

Comfort in the routine of life when grief claims the joy of a new day.

Comfort in the memories of the loved one I lost.

Comfort in the arms of Abba Father:

“I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you.”

Comfort in the midst of my grief.



Find your feelings. Find your words. Find yourself.

Find your passions. Find your dreams. Find your soul.

Always searching, never finding seems to be the epidemic of today. Just when you think you found your soul, Jesus says you actually lost it.

Once I find, what do I do? If I find my feelings, will they break me? If I find my words, will they hurt? If I find myself, will I like myself?  My passions, will they consume me? My dreams will they ruin me? My soul, will it suffocate me?

Finders keepers; losers weepers. We used to chant when we were young. Perhaps we’ve never lost that taunt. We are afraid of losing, of weeping and so we consume ourselves with finding, keeping it all to ourselves. Leaving our souls behind.

Find the key, unlock the treasure. Find the diet, become the new, best you. Find the formula, live forever. Find the gold and you find happiness. The promises of find ring empty in this world.

Jesus says “Seek and you will find the kingdom of heaven.” Let that be the only find for which I long, for which I seek every day.

Find yourself in Jesus and you will have found it all.

Five Minute Friday: “TELL”

I’m joining up with Five Minute Friday once again where we write unedited for 5 minutes on a given word prompt.


With folks all a-stir over the tragic death of Robin Williams, I thought this word prompt was so fitting for this week.  It’s time we as God’s people raise awareness and support for those suffering from mental health illnesses.

It’s time to tell them support, not judgement.

It’s time for outstretched hands to tell them that we’ll pick them up; not tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

It’s time to tell them grace; not write them off as wallowing in self-pity.

It’s time to tell them love; not gossip.

It’s time to tell them hope; not despair.

It’s time to tell them Jesus; not remedies.

It’s time to tell them tiny steps forward are ok; not demand of them giant leaps of faith.

It’s time to tell them rest; not gargantuan efforts to increase Bible reading, memorization, more fervent prayers, etc.

It’s time to tell the suffering that we love them – medicated or unmedicated, struggling or healthy, anxious or peaceful, disruptive or lovable, sad or upbeat.

Most importantly, it’s time to tell them THEY ARE NOT ALONE.


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Five Minute Friday: FILL

I’m joining up with Five Minute Friday once again where we write unedited for 5 minutes on a given word prompt.  Lisa Jo Baker has passed the hosting on to Kate Motaung.  I look forward to joining up some more with this wonderful community.

“Fill ‘er up” I tell the gas attendant when I pull up in my car.  And I expect him to do just that.

What does it look like in my spiritual life?  Do I pull up to my God-time and request Him to fill me up?  Or do I come half-heartedly and go away content with just a little?  Do I expect God to fulfill my request for filling or do I doubt His capabilities?  Am I lackadaisical with my request for His filling?

Who could I become if every day I sincerely ask God to fill me up?  Fill me with words of grace, words of compassion, thoughts of forgiveness and forbearance, remembrances of gratitude and the list could go on.  God alone can overwhelm our souls and fill us to overflowing with His love and life.

May I ever long to be filled by my Father who is able to fill us far beyond our longings.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20



Five Minute Friday: EXHALE

Joining up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday again.  Word prompt this week is “Exhale”


Breathe out.

Big Sigh.

No more stressing.  No more self-bashing mind sessions. No more expectations looming over my head.  No more self-imposed mental floggings.  No more “if onlys” or “what ifs”.  No more.


Breathe out.

I am enough.  Just the way I am.  In Jesus, there is no more condemnation.

I am enough when I am resting in the Father’s arms.

I am enough when I am walking with my Jesus.


Breathe out.

I am His Beloved.

I am my Redeemer’s and He is mine.

In Him, I can breathe out.  All burdens roll off my shoulders when I am in His care.


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Five Minute Friday: Lost

I’m joining up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday once again.  Her word prompt for the week was “Lost”.  

Posting late because I had a full weekend and because words just weren’t coming together.  Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling this word “lost” so sharply right now. My soul feels lost in life right now and not the good kind of lost that happens when you’re reading a good book and time loses all meaning to you; I mean lost in the scary, lonely sense of the word. 


All efforts obliterated with one wrong turn, or so it seems.

No sense of direction while the soul is re-routing from the last wrong turn.


Hope of freedom hides behind the bondage of yesterday and the failures of today.

Relationships charred by deception.


Loved ones called home way before your time felt completed with them.

Memories still to be made now gone forever.


Innocence of childhood robbed by senseless tragedies.

Joys of life sucked dry by grief and depression.


Trust betrayed.

Unfeigned faith disenamored.

Lost…and wondering where to turn from here.

Lost…and feeling lonely.

Lost…and crying out for help.

Lost…in the maze of life’s trials.

Lost…in the labyrinth of the soul’s night.


In my distressed state, I remember that Jesus went in search of the ONE lost sheep.  Jesus searched out that lonely, crying soul cowering in the darkness of night.  Jesus says He came to seek and to save all them that are lost (Luke 19:10).  There is hope for all that is lost.

And, dear soul, that moment when you are convinced that all is lost and there is no hope anymore – that moment is exactly when God can come in and work all things for the good of His Beloved.

You, dear one, are His.  Beloved.

He came just to find you, He’s not lost in the labyrinth of caves embedded deep in your soul.  Darkness is as light to Him and He knew you intimately before you were even formed.

You, Beloved, are found in Him once again.  Found by the Savior of your soul.  Found by your loving Father.

“I once was lost but now am found”! “Amazing grace how sweet the sound…”

Thank You, Jesus!


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