Thanks for checking out my blog. My speculations will tend to be very random and will cover a broad scope, basically anything in life. I struggle through life one step at a time, trying to live for my Jesus. Some days the journey is painful and it seems as though the darkness of night may never end. Other days, the ride is not so rough and the sun breaks through my darkness, blinding me with the audacious grace of God showing up in all the brokenness of life.

As of May 2015, I am officially an RN.  Needless to say, this will broaden my world in so many ways but I am excited to begin this life-long adventure!  My long-term goal for my nursing is to then take it to 3rd world countries and provide them with medical aid but more importantly to give them hope of eternal life with Jesus.

Fun facts about me:
I am a country girl through and through – give me cowgirl boots over high heels any day! And I would much rather be found working in the dirt or in the seat of the tractor than wandering through malls and outlet shops.

I am a born horselover – the smell of leather, horse, sweat, hay, shavings, grain and yes even horse manure is therapy for me. My clearest perspective of life is viewed between the perked up ears of my horse while jouncing over the countryside with the jingle of the bit and the squeak of leather heightening my senses.

When I’m not outside, I can be found with my head buried in a book, coffee cup in hand absorbing the many worlds open to a book-lover.

I have a broad range of taste in music and the best way to enjoy it is to roll the windows down and crank the music up, cruising the roads.

Discussions, heated or otherwise, about theology, justice, worldviews, Scripture, faith, beliefs, science, and the list could go on, are one of the ways I love to stimulate my brain and sharpen my wit.
I love the smell of a newborn baby, coffee brewing, the pages of a book, fresh cut grass in the springtime, crisp leaves in the fall, mountain breezes, and salty sea air.
I love to feel the kiss from my dog’s wet tongue, the nuzzle of my horse’s velvet nose, the ache of day’s hard work, cold smooth ice cream against my tongue, the blades of grass tickling my feet, the smooth glide of the kayak floating down the river.
I love the sound of summer nights, the call of the loon and the trill of the red-winged blackbird, waves crashing against the shore, soft nicker of my horse in the early morning light, the zing of a fishing line being cast, and the rumble of a well-tuned diesel.

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