It only takes one moment:

That one phone call that changes your life.

The phone call that says “Dad’s had an accident.”

That moment when the doctors say, “The prognosis isn’t good.”

That moment when all life-giving care is stopped and comfort care begins.

That moment when you feel life leaving the hand you’re holding.

That moment when you say good-bye for the very last time.

That moment when the lid on the casket thuds shut.

That moment when you see your larger than life hero lowered into the grave.

That moment when the first shovelful of dirt echoes loud against the lid of the casket.

It only takes one moment for your heart to fall to pieces.

It only takes one moment for your life to change forever.

RIP Dad. You are forever loved and missed deeply. Love, your baby girl.


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5 thoughts on “Moment

  1. Sara, that was a beautiful tribute to your father. Sobering and a reminder that we will all face those moments in our lives. All the more reason to live our lives for Christ. Praying that the Lord comforts your heart as you remember your Dad. So glad I found your blog.

  2. Hugs to you! May God carry and comfort you now. We all have those life changing moments and we never know when the bell will toll for our dear loved one next. Stopping by from FMF!

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