The Holy Pause

I wrote this poem while at a silent retreat with the theme of “breathe

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It’s in the still of the night

And the trail of the shooting star.

It’s in the roar of the wind

And the kiss of the sun.

It’s in the echo of the train

And the sad lullaby of the dove.

It’s in the breath of the breeze

And the sigh of the pines.

It’s in the embrace of the tree

And the soft caress of the grass.

It’s in the chime of the church bell

And the slowing of time.

It’s in the scent of the lilacs

And the smell of the spring rain.

It’s in the song of the mockingbird

And the buzz of the bee.

It’s in the music of the brook

And the rustle of wildlife.

It’s in the longing of the soul

And the holy silence of the chapel.

The Holy dwells around us and in us

And the pause waits within.

The stillness of the pause rests gently upon us

And the Holy breathes over us a blessing of peace.

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