Ode to a New Journal, A New Year

New Year, New Journal, fresh New Pages,

Pages blank and waiting for my story;

My life and times in this New Year.

This year of continued growth and change:

Change in the hands of my Abba Father,

Growth at his tender touch in my softened soul.

Prayers from the heart, a heart that longs for Love

Love and Presence in my life this New Year;

Prayers for openness to that Love and Presence

Prayers for guidance in the following of my heart’s stirrings.

Anticipation of the adventures in these stirrings of the New Year.

The calling of faith and trust in Love’s goodness toward me

Questions of where and when the adventure

But yet peace at the center of the yearning and the questions.

A New Year,  a New Heart, a New Strength in who Love is making me

A New Love for my Creator who dreams for me

A New Acceptance of Love and Presence in me

A New Journey awaiting me,

A New Determination to embrace that Journey.

–written January 6, 2018


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