Place of My Own

(This post is part of Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday community where we write for five minutes on a weekly word prompt from Kate)


So many implications in such a small word.
It’s a building, a dwelling, position or rank, a specific space, an action.

A place in life is much sought after:

A place to belong,
A place to call home,

maya angelou place

A place to find meaning,
A place in this world that only I can fill.

This place for me in this world, it’s a specific space,
A position that Abba designed for me,
A space he has specifically created for me.

rumi place

This place Abba has dreamed for me,
This place, it makes where I call home just a transient waypoint.
This place is where I belong, it’s where he promises I will find my meaning.

helen keller place

This place, an action to which he is calling me.
This place to which he draws me,
I am the only one created to fill that place in his Masterpiece.

place of true healing

Photo credits: Google Images

4 thoughts on “Place of My Own

  1. Love this, Sara, and the Rumi quote is excellent. (BTW, I’m here via Anita Ojeda’s Blessed But Stressed, and I’m also a participant in FMF.)

    To be honest, I’m in kind of an awful place…fighting to beat pancreatic cancer and there are people thinking (and sometimes saying), DIE already. You’re going to Heaven, what’s the problem?

    The problem is I’m not done here. I still have, as the cliche goes, love to give. They hate seeing me try to rise to my feet and continue my task, but they don’t see that I have no choice. God disposes, and duty calls.

    #1 at FMF, and your comment-neighbour at Blessed But Stressed.

    • Andrew, thanks for visiting. I’m sorry that people say insensitive things. As encouragement, please stand strong in continuing to warrior on with God’s calling for you. And remember that a messenger is not necessarily understood well. Your bravery and strength in fulfilling the mission you feel called for while dealing with the devastation of pancreatic cancer, this is inspiring to me. I will keep you in my prayers. Stay strong!

  2. Sara, So many great thoughts on understanding our place. I am passionate about people identifying their place-it’s key to shaping our identity as we move about this Earth. Yet, our place may change. “This place, it makes where I call home just a transient waypoint.” We can accept the changes and even embrace them when we remember we are fulfilling part of a bigger purpose.

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