Hours of the Dark

The dark night of the soul is a journey into the light, a journey from your Darkness into the Strength and hidden resources of Your Soul .— Caroline Myss  ��Traveling with Angels��. Begin and End with Thank You.

Those hours of the night…

Don’t tell me I am the only one that knows of those hours.

Those hours when sleep evades you,

And life broadsides you like an 80,000 pound truck.

Those hours when the power of choice seems stolen from you,

And the Powers of darkness overpower the Voice of Light within.

Those hours when your past mistakes become your only identity,

And regret defines your life.

Those hours when grief swallows you whole,

And loss overwhelms your soul.

Those hours when the next right thing escapes your grasp,

And the gods of your heart beckon louder than the True God.

Those hours when alone-ness smothers the knowledge of His with-ness;

Prayers are desperate and God is silent.

Those hours of the night when not even tears accompany you,

And you’re all bled out of Hope, of Redemption, of Strength, of Grace, of Love.

Yet in those hours of the night, He is there waiting…

In those hours of the Dark, the Light has never been snuffed out.

Emmanuel, His with-ness, has never left.

Hours of the Dark overpowering my mind, weakening my faith, my resolve;

Hours of the Dark…

Overpowered by the presence of the Holy Comforter.


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