The Space

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The noise around me, scary and loud

No escape, no respite

Or so it would have me believe.

And yet my soul whispers a different tune

Soft and confident, the whisper tells me there’s more.

More to this life than noise and chaos,

More to this life than drive and performance,

More to this life than success and desire,

More to this life than money and greed.


Alarm clock rings and off I go to yet another round,

Watching the clock tick, I ready myself for yet another rat race.

Rush out the door, beat the clock to my destination,

Urge the traffic on, tap my steering wheel in frustration

Hurry into work, punch the clock,

Go, go, go all day long.

Slave to the clock, mistress of time and accomplishment.


Hour after hour, day after day my soul breathes less.

My heart beats slower and life passes me by:

The dance of my dog when I walk in the door,

The whinny of my horse when I enter the barn,

The smell of hay and shavings, the velvet kiss of a horse

The call of birds, the rustle of leaves

The blue of the sky and the howl of the wind,

The sunrise pink and the purple of sunset

The wafting scent of coffee and the comfort of a bowl of soup

The melt of chocolate in my mouth, the cool of ice cream rich on my tongue

The soft warmth of blankets as I sleep,

The lyrics and beat of the music,

All these little things, day by day, I barely sense.

I rush and run and stress until my senses dull and my life is a mess.


But then…

I dare to stop.

I dare to be.

And I dare to listen.


I come to The Space

Where mercy and love breathe gently on me

And I remember.

My soul remembers who it is created to be

And there with my Creator, my Lover, I am the me I’m meant to be.

Not the me who keeps up with society

But the me who comes and sits with the Trinity.


Me, the image of God,

Who breathes in the miracle of living, playful and peaceful,

Who feels freedom and is set free:

Free from the demands, the rules

Free from expectations, from religion

Free from performance and approval, decorum and tradition.

In this Space I’m free to just be.

No judgment, no threat of rejection.

Here, where Jesus sits and welcomes me home.

This Space, home to my soul and refuge for my heart.


This Space…

My people,

My journey,

My hope and vulnerability,

Mercy and grace gifted to my soul,

Honesty, brutal and raw, messy and real,

Forgiveness for failures and Love extended to all,

Found here.

Here in this Space.