Find your feelings. Find your words. Find yourself.

Find your passions. Find your dreams. Find your soul.

Always searching, never finding seems to be the epidemic of today. Just when you think you found your soul, Jesus says you actually lost it.

Once I find, what do I do? If I find my feelings, will they break me? If I find my words, will they hurt? If I find myself, will I like myself?  My passions, will they consume me? My dreams will they ruin me? My soul, will it suffocate me?

Finders keepers; losers weepers. We used to chant when we were young. Perhaps we’ve never lost that taunt. We are afraid of losing, of weeping and so we consume ourselves with finding, keeping it all to ourselves. Leaving our souls behind.

Find the key, unlock the treasure. Find the diet, become the new, best you. Find the formula, live forever. Find the gold and you find happiness. The promises of find ring empty in this world.

Jesus says “Seek and you will find the kingdom of heaven.” Let that be the only find for which I long, for which I seek every day.

Find yourself in Jesus and you will have found it all.


2 thoughts on “FIND

  1. “Let that be the only find for which I long, for which I seek every day.” What a wonderful turn in thoughts from the never ending search and never satisfying to the only search that can fill a heart.
    I am glad I stopped by today.

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