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Determination, Resolve, Endurance, Ambition, Miracle…..


Doubts, Ridicule, Euthanasia, Avolition, Mistake…..

Your choice, my friend.

Dream, my soul.  Breathe, weary one inside my chest.  Hope with all you have.  Believe, cynical voice inside my head.  Dream like yesterday is gone and today is just a passing breeze.  Dream with everything you have, because sometimes in the end, dreams that are dared to be dreamt are all that keep you believing, keep you breathing, keep you alive.

Dream, my soul.  When passions fade, when fears invade, when doubts pervade.  Yet every breath says “dream”.  My weary soul protests, says it can’t keep going, it’s tired, says it hurts too much to keep dreaming, says the efforts not worth it but still relentless breaths whisper “dream”.

Dreams spark the eyes and zing the steps of a hopeful soul.  Dreams sharpen your senses at the start of every new day.  Dreams curl the toes and tingle the skin.  Dreams fuel your journey.  Dreams conquer your every Mt Everest.  Dreams win the gold Olympics of life.

What’s your DREAM mean in your life?

P.S.  I know I’ve dropped off the blogosphere and for that I’m sorry.  I lost my writing voice and I’m trying to find it again.  Stick with me friends.  I’m in DREAM training.  I successfully completed my nursing degree – YAY! I can officially sign my name as Sara Martin, RN and folks does that ever make goosebumps crawl!  I thought this day would never come – I dared to dream big and I dared to believe that determination, resolve, endurance and ambition could result in a miracle and God came through on that.  But the enemy of my soul also came through on the ugly DREAM acronym and the battle of believing the purpose of all your schooling when you can’t seem to find someone willing to hire you, well I’ll be honest – it can dash you to the ground and plunge you into a pit rather quickly.  But like I said at the start of this lengthy postscript:  I’m in training to learn how to grasp that brave DREAM acronym like a drowning man hangs on to the lifesaver tossed out to him.  See you around friends!