A Letter to Drama

Dear Drama,

You might sell big on the screen, but in real life? can i just say – you are WAY overrated.

You can take your gossip, take your ulterior motives, take your joy-sapping gluttony and LEAVE.

You have the ability to tear relationships to shreds, to undermine a person’s self-confidence and self-worth.  You laugh in the face of authenticity.  You revel in the petty grievances.  Some days you might be inconsequential but take those some days and stack them up and you become monumental.  You become the Rockies that exhausts the sincere traveler.  

You become the bridge burned.  With you there is no forbearance, no do-overs, no “let’s make up”.  You don’t know what it means to extend graciousness, to breathe mercy on a situation, on a mistake.  You take the past and you replay it all the time. You mock forgiveness. You hold bitterness and grievances in utero for months, sometimes even years.  

You’re too much of a coward to engage in honest dialogue.  You run from the opportunity to have face to face conversations. You shrink away from resolving differences.  And if there’s a possibility of your heart being exposed, your heart getting too involved – you scream “DANGER!”  And lickety-split, you’re GONE.  You don’t stick around for reconciliation.  You come in and splash your combustibles, speak a spark with a “POOF” and then you retreat in the glow of the destructive fire.  

I’m writing to you today to tell you that I’m done with you.  You see, Jesus doesn’t do drama.  He’s found in the hard, honest, up-hill struggle of REAL life.  Jesus knows that sometimes, no matter how good our intentions, we make mistakes.  But unlike you, He says He forgives them and erases them from His memory.  Jesus is all about reconciliation and grace.  Hosting both of you is a dichotomy that my soul can’t afford.  

So Drama, I’m not going to resort to playing out your kind of story on the screen of my life.  I’m going to look to Jesus to direct my relationships, my reactions, my interpretations to life.

Good bye, Drama.

Hello, Compassion.

Welcome, Grace and Mercy.


A Seeker of Authenticity