Five Minute Friday: Lost

I’m joining up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday once again.  Her word prompt for the week was “Lost”.  

Posting late because I had a full weekend and because words just weren’t coming together.  Perhaps it’s because I’m feeling this word “lost” so sharply right now. My soul feels lost in life right now and not the good kind of lost that happens when you’re reading a good book and time loses all meaning to you; I mean lost in the scary, lonely sense of the word. 


All efforts obliterated with one wrong turn, or so it seems.

No sense of direction while the soul is re-routing from the last wrong turn.


Hope of freedom hides behind the bondage of yesterday and the failures of today.

Relationships charred by deception.


Loved ones called home way before your time felt completed with them.

Memories still to be made now gone forever.


Innocence of childhood robbed by senseless tragedies.

Joys of life sucked dry by grief and depression.


Trust betrayed.

Unfeigned faith disenamored.

Lost…and wondering where to turn from here.

Lost…and feeling lonely.

Lost…and crying out for help.

Lost…in the maze of life’s trials.

Lost…in the labyrinth of the soul’s night.


In my distressed state, I remember that Jesus went in search of the ONE lost sheep.  Jesus searched out that lonely, crying soul cowering in the darkness of night.  Jesus says He came to seek and to save all them that are lost (Luke 19:10).  There is hope for all that is lost.

And, dear soul, that moment when you are convinced that all is lost and there is no hope anymore – that moment is exactly when God can come in and work all things for the good of His Beloved.

You, dear one, are His.  Beloved.

He came just to find you, He’s not lost in the labyrinth of caves embedded deep in your soul.  Darkness is as light to Him and He knew you intimately before you were even formed.

You, Beloved, are found in Him once again.  Found by the Savior of your soul.  Found by your loving Father.

“I once was lost but now am found”! “Amazing grace how sweet the sound…”

Thank You, Jesus!


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