Sometimes on Fridays I join up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays.  She gives a word prompt to write about for five minutes with no editing.  Today’s word prompt is “messenger”.


Messenger:   One who bears a message, one who has a purpose, an important word or action to share with their audience.

Every day, I am a messenger.  What message are people receiving from my life?

Jesus commands, “Go and tell the world.”  Not, “go and tell your family or your close friends.”

“Go and tell the world!”  The world is a scary place; they might not like your message.  Back in the day of the prophets, the recipients of their message often killed the messenger.

Am I willing to go to such scary lengths to share the Message?

Do I have a message to share?

Am I allowing God to infuse my soul with His message so I can then “Go and tell”?

I’ve been listening to Dan Allender’s series on the “Wounded Heart”.  Something he said grabbed my heart.  He says if you are totally at home in your home, then your life is already a violation of the Gospel.  Jesus didn’t limit the expanse of where we are called to share the message.  He didn’t say feel free to stick within a 10 mile or even 100 mile radius of your comfort zone.

Jesus says “Go to all the world.”   Am I willing to accept my calling as a messenger for God no matter where it may take me?  Am I willing to stop feeling comfortable in order to get out there and be a messenger?

“Go and tell.”  Go and be a MESSENGER!


One thought on “Messenger

  1. Thank you. I need to be reminded of this over and over, particularly when I’m feeling that I can’t adequately express the message I’ve been given. But discomfort is really a sign of being sent.

    Am visiting from #FMF. Look forward to visiting again. Drusilla (

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