On “Nothing”

Last week Lisa Jo Baker’s “Five Minute Friday” invited us to write for five minutes on the word “nothing”.  These are my thoughts on the word “nothing” (just a week late and longer than five minutes!).  But at the time I genuinely felt I had nothing to write about “nothing” although the brain juices have been swirling around the word since then and now it’s time to get it out of my system.

“Nothing” – it’s such an empty word and yet impregnated with meaning.  In order for it to be empty, one had to have once known something.  “Nothing” isn’t poignant if one’s soul had never known “something”.   “Nothing” is so hopeless unless the soul remembers the faint whispers of the joy of God-infused hope.

There’s so many ways that the Deceiver of our souls whispers lies to us about that word “nothing”.  He tells us it’s “just nothing”– those little things that make our souls cringe when we allow the Word to scrutinize.  Sometimes he tells us that “you’re worth nothing to God” – when you’re feeling messy and raw and like you’ve just failed your Father, Satan tells us God can’t use us then.  Don’t believe him!  No matter how messy, and no matter how far we’ve fallen, we’re always worth the life-blood of the Father’s only Son.  Other times he tells us “there’s nothing to God’s requirements, surely He didn’t mean for you to take Him so literally.”  He’s trying to rob you of the fullness of God with that lie.

Our culture tells us that we’re nothing if we aren’t smart enough, skinny enough, wealthy enough, busy enough, pretty enough, and the measuring stick by which we measure our worth just keeps growing and our souls keep shriveling.

Nothing drags us down like the lies we believe about the nothing-spaces in our God-thirsty souls.  Those “nothings” are so empty without the grace of God unleashed into those empty spaces in our souls.  The darkness of those nothings will suffocate us without the love of God shattering it’s light all across our dark-weary hearts.  The hopelessness of those nothings will break us down into a million pieces without the Presence of Jesus holding us together.

If you feel like you’re a nothing, allow Jesus to transform you into everything in His unending love and boundless grace.

A song to speak to your not-enough spaces:


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One thought on “On “Nothing”

  1. “Nothing” can be a hard pill to swallow, huh. I think part of the reason Satan can use it so effectively is because we humans find it hard to see the HUGE middle ground between “everything” and “nothing.” So if we aren’t everything we think we should be, we jump to the conclusion that we are nothing. I, too, am so grateful for God’s grace that transforms it all.

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