Glue (Five Minute Friday w/Lisa Jo Baker)

Shattered dreams

Broken lives

Disjointed beliefs

A soul that’s splintered

I look at the pieces of my life.  And I despair.

There’s harsh words spoken with which I broke relationships.

There’s secret sins that ripped apart trust.

Just when I think that there is no hope for the million scattered pieces – Jesus shows up.

And He picks up those tiny shattered soul-bits.

Those soul-bits – unlike me, Jesus doesn’t condemn them and throw them away in disgust.

No, Jesus takes His glue and He puts the pieces back together again.

The glue of His love, His forgiveness, His mercy.

The glue of Redemption holds me together and gives me hope for today and peace for the moment.

Jesus knows the price of this glue He uses to redeem me.  He knows the stabbing pain of broken pieces.

After all, His body was broken for me. There on the cross where God looked away.

God looked away from His broken Son so that one day He could look at me in all my brokenness and glue my broken soul back together again.