“Come to Me”

It snowed here in Lancaster County yesterday.  A thick heavy wet snow.

It matched my heavy thoughts.  And while I was shoveling the snow and tossing it to the side, I wondered if it would work to scoop up the heavy thoughts and toss them away as well.  I don’t know that it’s possible – at least not on my own.  These thoughts they just keep circling back to weigh me down again.  There is a remedy – but one that takes effort.


Jesus says, “Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”  Matthew 11:28-29

“Really?” you say. “You mean I’ve got to GO to Jesus?”


“But what if I can’t make it there?” The load – it’s too heavy.  And so you despair and you give up.  You let the worries, the stresses send you crashing down into this broken heap.  And you believe that it’s over.

There is no way you can get up and pick up the pieces. I’m guessing you don’t even want to.  It feels good to just lie there.

It doesn’t take effort to give up.

It takes all you’ve got to remember to breathe while you’re lying there.

But guess what, my friend, somewhere deep inside you there’s still a sliver of energy.

Energy enough to just call out His name.


That to Him is enough of a distress signal.  You see He’s been there all along, it was you that thought you needed to journey far away to Him.  He’s been there right beside you, waiting for you to turn to Him.  He knows you’ve been dragging all that baggage around with you, trying to make it all on your own, back to where you last met Him.  But friend, He’s stayed with you; He’s just waiting for your cry.

The comforting thing?  He GETS it!  He gets that sometimes you have just enough strength to merely whisper His name.  He gets that some days, you have a hard time dropping those burdens.  He gets that you want rid of them but you don’t know how to release them.  He knows that sometimes the battle is all about letting them lie at His feet.

Do you remember that verse?  Jesus tells us that He is gentle.  He’s strong but He’s gentle.  He doesn’t ruthlessly scold you for your weakness.  He gently reminds you that He is right beside you.


That yoke He talks about?  The yoke that He says is His and He wants us to put on?  Did you know that if you put that yoke on – it means He stays right beside you.  Not out ahead, and not behind. But neck to neck with you.  He’ll even pull the the brunt of the load – you just got to stay in tandem with Him.  In step and keeping your nose pointed same direction as His.  That means no turning around and looking back to see what He may have done with the load.  No lagging behind to pick up the baggage He’s tossed off.  No veering off course – eyes fixed on the goal, heart tuned to your Partner right beside you.

And there, my friend, there, in that yoke of His – that’s where there is rest, sweet rest for your soul.


Photos taken from Google Images