Five minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker (  The word for this week: Tree

“You can let go now, Daddy”  Crystal Shawanda sings this song. “You Can Let Go Now, Daddy”

And it always take me back to 5 year old me and my brand new bike.  Without training wheels.

At the top of the big long hill……and a massive old tree in line with the bottom of that big hill.

Dad had just come home with my first new bike.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning.

I was ready to strike out all on my own.

“Let go Dad!”  my overconfident little self shouted.  And  off I went…

Down the hill……

In a straight trajectory toward our massive old maple tree

In my excitement, I forgot how to brake.  I never thought of swerving.  I was paralyzed with fear of the monstrous tree looming in my path.

I’m grown now.  No longer quite as confident about taking on the world by myself like my 5 year old persona was.
But still I do the same thing – I tell God “Let go, I got this.”  Only to head straight for that debilitating disaster in my path.  

Like my dad, God stands watch but unlike my dad, God can catch me in time to rescue me from a bent frame.  He’s ready to be my Brake, I just gotta shout out that I can’t do this on my own. 

Don’t let go, God!

And like the song, I too had to tell my Daddy good-bye and tell him he can let go and leave this earth.  This week two years ago, I let go of his hand.  Death took him away from me. 

And now I hang on tighter to God as I walk this valley of grief.  He keeps me from crashing into the trees of cheated anger and bitter sorrow.

Picture credit: Google Images