Where Am I Going?

                          “God doesn’t want to take you where you can go; 
                              He wants to take you where you can’t go.”

I don’t know what your reaction is to that statement but I cringed when the pastor said those words yesterday.  That’s some pretty scary business right there.  It was amazing how rapidly my mind came up with excuses not to take that to heart.  See that’s what we as humans do best – make excuses.  But we don’t call them that.  We call it caution; we call it being practical; we call it being moderate in the Lord.  God forbid, after all, that we should be radical Christians.  Let’s face it folks, Jesus was a radical in His day – why do we think that we don’t need to be radical in our walk with Him?

I’ll be the first to admit that being radical makes me want to run and hide. Radical isn’t mainstream.  Radical isn’t fitting in; radical is standing out, being different.  But isn’t that what God is calling us to?  He wants take us where we can’t go on our own because there we have no need of Him.  But if we allow Him to take us where there’s no way we can go on our own; it’s there in that place that God can work.  His work, not my work or your work.  There. In that place. It’s about Him. Not us.

We were having a discussion in Sunday school yesterday about reckless abandon. The focus was on the old familiar story of David and Goliath.  Was David being reckless in going out against the giant?  If you’re in a solid relationship with God and you know without a doubt that He’s calling you to something…is there then such a thing as reckless abandon?  Is it reckless if God is calling you to it?  Did David put God on the spot there by declaring that God would go with Him in battle? Can God be put on the spot?

What do you do if you feel God calling you to go where you can’t go and there’s people who try to dissuade you, like Saul and the soldiers did with David? What if trusted authorities don’t agree with your calling?  Should you still go?  Or what if they try to suit you up like they did David only to find out that the suiting up does nothing but hinder you in your calling?  Do you, like David, toss off the conventional and go out with no armor, trusting in God to be your armor?  Or do we use that dissuasion as our cop-out to avoid going with God where we can’t go?  Do we soothe our conscience by telling ourselves that the older, wiser, seasoned authorities don’t think we’re capable so we must have just been imagining that God was calling us to go?  

I know I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.  And examining my life to see where God might be trying to lead me where I can’t go but is hindered by my resistance. 

My prayer for you this week is that you would go where God wants you to go. Go where you can’t possibly go in your own strength.  GO!!

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