Free Falling

Ever feel like you’re free falling?  Ever feel like the ground is rushing up at you, your parachute malfunctioned, and you have no wings?  The force of the fall is sucking the breath out of you.  But you’re at the mercy of gravity – there’s nothing you can do.

Except….God says “I bare you on eagle’s wings and brought you unto Myself.”  I’m told that a mother eagle does that for her eaglets.  When the young ones are learning to fly, the mother will swoop in underneath them and carry them back to the nest when their little wings have tired out.

If you’re like me, you’re thinking “Yeah but would God have to wait so long to swoop in?” What if it’s all up to us, about us giving up control?  What if God waits for us to reach that point where we cry out, “Catch me, Father, I’m falling!”?  Just as we have no control over gravity, we have no control over God and His plan for our lives.  Sure we can refuse to go with Him but we can’t control our circumstances.  

Life is about giving God free reign in our lives.  It’s about free falling into God.  Letting go of our flimsy parachutes of self-will, pride, and stubbornness.  Picture a child being tossed in the air by her dad.  Does she trust that he will catch her?  Absolutely, the child is giggling at the exhilaration of the toss, never doubting that her dad will catch her and save her from crashing to the ground.  That’s how God wants us to be.

Scary? Yes!  Easy to let go of ourselves? No!  Free falling into God’s arms goes against everything within us.  Satan would prefer that we think our self-made parachutes will serve us well and save us from the crash. Don’t believe him.  If we listen to him, we will end up splattered all over the ground of Ruin and Regrets.  God can still swoop in at that point and put us back together again if we let Him.

Loving the exhilaration of the free fall and anticipating God’s arms encircling us…even when the future is unknown, even in the middle of our intense battle, even in the vacuum of our grief.  Free falling into God’s arms amid the gravity of pain, of doubt, of financial distress, of rocky relationships, of consequences from past sins, of shame, of uncertainty, of the vortex of life’s daily demands.

It’s possible – you just gotta be that little child again and believe without a doubt that your Father is going to catch you.

Gotta go – it’s time for me to free fall without a fight to hang onto my flimsy parachute! Join me on this journey into God’s arms?


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