Snapshots of the Sky

I love the fact that I’ve now joined the “smart” world of smart phones because of my phone’s capacity to capture moments on camera.  I’ve found though that no matter how good the camera, I can never capture the skies quite as impressive as they are in reality.  The sky speaks to me so many times at the end of a hectic day.  I look at the intricate designs and I wonder how much fun God has playing with colors and designs.  And to think I then forget to revel in the raw beauty displayed in the broad expanse of sky.  

I’ve noticed that the stormier the clouds look, the prettier the sunset.  What about me?  Do I display God’s glory better the rougher the circumstances?  What if the sky would be like me and tell God, “hey wait, I can’t display Your beauty tonight because my circumstances are way too dark and heavy today?”  How many people am I cheating out of the blessing of God’s beauty and glory revealed in me because I’m too stuck on my dark, heavy circumstances?  Or what about the clouds that are broken and fragmented?  Does that detract from their beauty?  Then why do I assume that my fragments, my brokenness, disqualifies me from displaying God’s glory and presence?
What would it be like to one night be looking up and admiring the skies in time to see Jesus bursting through the clouds?  Am I ready and watching like Jesus tells us to be?  I gotta admit that I lose sight of that end goal.  In the middle of living this rat race, I lose sight of the fact that the purpose of my life is to prepare for Jesus coming to take me Home.  And since I don’t fixate my mind on this consummate event, I fail to tell others about the need to be ready for Jesus.  
The more time I spend looking up, the more I’m reminded of God and His might.  Of His love for beauty and vivid colors. Of His extravagance for us, His wayward children.  Of His tenderness in giving us a visual of His presence in this world gone awry.
Thank you, Father, for Your work of art in both the world around us and in each one of us, masterpieces of Your loving mercy and extravagant grace.

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