Good morning and happy Monday!  Over the weekend, a theme kept recurring.  I attended a service at the Worship Center on Saturday night (they have an awesome worship band!).  One of the songs we sang was “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”.  The chorus is still running through my mind.
                          “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, Look full in His wonderful face
                            And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
                            In the light of His glory and grace”
I don’t know about you but often times I find myself shying away from looking full in Jesus’ face.  I feel far too dirty to have the courage to look into His eyes.  Why am I afraid to look into His face?  I think it’s because I half-ways believe the lie that Satan feeds me.  The lie that Jesus’ eyes are full of condemnation and disgust for the sinner that I am.  I know it’s a lie because Jesus said that He came for the sinner, the sick, and the hurting.  In the thick of the battle, I lack the faith I need to refute Satan’s lies.  My prayer is that Jesus would strengthen my unbelief and help me claim His promises without wavering.
I have this inkling that if I would focus on Jesus’ face with all the intensity of attention I can muster, it’s then that I will find the strength and courage to rise above Satan’s lies and to rise above the stresses of life.  If I don’t fix my eyes on Him, I will be like Peter and start sinking in this tumultuous sea called life.
My challenge for this week is to discipline myself to look full in Jesus’ wonderful face.

Another song that I like that talks about turning to Jesus:



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