"Ramifications of Grace"

The other weekend I heard a talk by Shane Claiborne on the ramifications of Grace.  My mind has been cogitating this anomaly of grace.  I for one take it for granted.  I discovered that I’m not daily overwhelmed by this grace extended to me.  I should be daily overflowing with the grace of Jesus given to me at the start of every new day. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

What would change in my life if I would daily recognize the ramification of grace in my life?  Do I allow grace to impact me?  If no, why not?  Do I extend grace to others because of the ramifications in my life?  What is grace?  What does grace mean to me?

Grace is defined as the unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification.  Archaic definition of grace is interchangeable with the words mercy and pardon.  In his talk, Shane gave some examples of grace from an experience of a criminal in prison for life.  This man had been convicted of first degree murder and would have been sentenced to death.  But the family of the victim were Christians and they refused to press the death sentence for this man.  Humanly speaking, the victim’s family would have had every right to see their loved one’s death vindicated by the death of this man.  But they chose instead to exemplify Jesus and His grace.  The criminal was so moved by the grace and forgiveness extended to him that he became a Christian through the whole experience.  Question is: could I have been that gracious?  Am I that quick to extend grace in the moment by moment everyday experiences in my life?  Are others touched by God’s grace through my life?

Grace wears many different faces in my life.  Grace is feeling God’s presence when I’m trying to curl up within myself and shut everything out, even Him.  Grace is the freeing of my spirit when I repent of my sin and know that God has forgiven me.  Grace is the “Neither do I condemn you” moments with Jesus.  Grace is the Holy Spirit speaking to me when I seek God’s face.  Grace is feeling the Everlasting arms wrapped around me when I am hurting and grieving the loss of my dad.  Grace is the Spirit putting my groanings to the Father into words.  Grace is Jesus pleading my case with the Father when I fall into sin again and again.  Grace is the dawning of a new day.  Grace is the horse kiss that my horse gives me even though I’ve been too busy to spend enough time with her.  Grace is the loyalty of my dog’s happy greetings every morning when I’m still too asleep to be excited over her.  Grace is in every moment of my life.

How will I allow grace to impact me today?  How will I impact others with God’s grace flowing through me?