Prayer for All My Faith Sisters Out There

Hi y’all.  I know I’ve been horrible about writing on here.  The only thing I’m going to raise in my defense is that…

A. I’m in nursing school and it’s hardcore, never time to catch your breath (or your thoughts or your sleep or your friends…you get the idea)
B. I’m in nursing school and I’m working almost every day, which I’m cool with that but just saying…
C.  I’m in nursing school and I study a LOT. (ok I’ll quit the excuses already – oh did I mention that I’m in nursing school?)

I may be running around like a chicken with it’s head chopped off these days but I’m telling you — I am loving nursing school.  It just feels so right when I’m engaged on the floor as a student nurse.  I’m where I belong when I’ve “got my nursing on”  =)

Anyway, I’m going to cheat today and paste a prayer on here that gave me goosebumps just being in the group that it was prayed over.  I attended a Beth Moore Women’s Conference the second weekend of September and I tell you my parched and weary soul was filled to bursting and I went away from that freshly energized to stick it out with God.

Here is the prayer.  Read it like you mean it and even pray it out loud.  But only if you really want God to do His life-changing work in you.  Because with God – you really do always get what you asked for.  At least we have the comfort that it’s always for our good.

Living Proof Live Prayer 2012

All powerful, All glorious God,
Creator and sustainer of Heaven and Earth
The One who loves, us, calls us, and graces us
He who can do no wrong
And for whom NOTHING is impossible
With everything in me this day
I intercede for my sister
This, Your beloved daughter
Set Your love so steadfastly upon her
that she feels the beautiful weightiness of it.
Stir up in her an unexplainable hunger
for Your Presence and Your Word.
Be her prized portion, Lord Jesus.
Awaken anything that has died an unnecessary death in her.
Grant her tenderness toward You and compassion toward others.
Pluck out by the deepest roots anything in her life that YOU did not plant.
Make Yourself noticeable TO her and make Yourself noticeable THROUGH her.
Build her into a REMARKABLE servant
That impacts her entire family line.
When Your ways are hidden from her,
Flood her with the supernatural comfort
Of her absolute unhiddenness with You.
Convince her to quit hiding the things that need the most healing.
Be her stunning strength in weakness.
Lend her rapturous moments of exulting and dancing
Even in much tribulation.
Be the best thing that ever happened to her relationships Lord.
Give her favor with You and with man.
Miraculously birth within her a love for her enemies
And after her sacrificial love has come to full bloom,
miraculously cause her enemies to be at peace with her.
Right now, Lord, even RIGHT NOW go to the depths of the darkness within her
and dispel any hatred buried there.
Bring her dramatically into agreement with You
Over all her resentment and bitterness
And all claims to entitlement
Empower her to forsake her unforgiveness
and to forsake every grudge and destructive self-comfort.
Fire her up in her a fury of spiritual giftedness
and enable her to do what is verifiably impossible for her.
Grant her great delight and true humility in serving others
Slay every prejudice and fleshly partiality.
Whether or not she is gifted to speak or teach
Grant her the supernatural unction to clearly communicate Christ
Touch her lips with coals from Your altar
And sanctify her to carry the Gospel into her sphere of influence.
Give her eyes to see the invisible and the sacred in the simple.
Infuse her with a strong sense of purpose and
an undaunted appreciation of adventure.
Make her intolerant of any area of personal bondage
and urgent about her freedom.
Be her ever-loving Defender and Deliverer.
If she’s in a desert, bloom something stunning and obvious there.
If she’s drowning, plant the soles of her feet on the surface of the water.
If she’s coldhearted, crack the shell around her heart and set her free to love.
Reveal to her the root of her fears
Give her courage to forsake it
Then astonish her with a freedom that is not of this world.
Jesus, make her living proof.
Blow her faith wide open.
In closing, Lord, I speak Your all-glorious Name over her
In all the weight and authority it carries.
I speak Jesus over her Spirit.
I speak Jesus over her heart.
I speak Jesus over her mind.
I speak Jesus over her physical body.
In obedience to Your Word, I have prayed by faith
and my willing sister has received by faith.
As You accomplish these divine works according to Your will
and to Your purposeful timing,
Make her acutely aware that it is YOU.
Cause her to make her boasts in You alone.
And cause her with much amazement to behold the miracle within
And say, “Who is this You are making me? Who is in this body of mine??”
In Jesus’ wonder-working Name and matchless authority,
Amen and So Be It.

© Beth Moore 2012