Life update

At long last I am back!  It’s been a busy last couple weeks with hardly a spare moment between work and school.  Mulch has been selling like crazy this spring with all the early warm sunny weather we’ve had.  Many thoughts have been circling ’round in my head and heart — I do believe it’s time to start getting them out in concrete words instead of letting them remain phantom thoughts.  Meanwhile here’s some pictures of a recent happening in the Martin realm.
One of our long-time customers and family friends, Wojton’s Nursery gifted and planted a tree in memory of my Dad.  Mom’s tree of choice was a weeping lacy leaf Japanese maple.  We are blessed by the Wojton family’s generosity and their friendship.  Henry Jr and Rick came to do the honors on April 12.  We planted the tree in front of our porch hangout where Dad loved to snatch a few relaxing moments reading or chatting with friends and family.


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