You may call me melancholy after reading the beginning of this post and perhaps by the end you will have labeled me long-winded and random.  Admittedly, all these evaluations host far too many truths in them, but hey this is a free world so proceed at your own risk…

To me it seems as though life is punctuated with far too many Goodbyes.  From the positive side of things – a painful goodbye means you have discovered and experienced love and close friendship.  There would be no pain of separation if this were not so.  Sometimes though I wonder if the pain of goodbye outweighs the pleasure of knowing you have experienced heart connection.

But then I realize to shut myself off from heart connection is to go against how I’ve been created.  God created me to be a dependent person.  How that goes against my “independent” spirit at first admission!  But read God’s Word with open mind and you will soon be forced to admit that the reason we were created is for fellowship.

Perhaps that is why there are so many troubled people in this world.  We spend our waking hours dashing hither and yon on some preconceived have-to agenda while missing out on the true meaning of life.  Think about the times you consciously made the effort to smile at the person you pass in the grocery store aisle or the friendly wave you gave to a pedestrian.

 Nowadays with our hectic schedules and our harried existence, people do a double take when accosted with a person willing to connect at even the merest of levels by just making eye contact and smiling.  This attitude of “I’m too busy to show a person I’m human” is a far cry from the gab-fests on the local general store porch of by-gone days or the impromptu chat with the person in line with you at the store.

 Aren’t God’s people here on this earth to connect with others?  Perhaps our lack of connecting with others is an accurate gauge of our connection, or lack thereof, with our Heavenly Father.  I suppose I’m telling on myself by tossing out that speculation.

 For me though, it holds true.  The mornings that I start out feeling rushed and not having that minute or two upon waking to reflect on the mercies of my Heavenly Father, those are the days where people get under my skin.

As humans we don’t like pain and so we cringe at the thought of soul intimacy because for true intimacy to happen, there needs to be a vulnerability at the very core of who we are.  And where love is, there is bound to be hurt at some level, sooner or later – perhaps at the necessity of saying goodbye.  And so we attempt to fool ourselves into believing the fallacy that we can be independent.  We need fellowship, folks.  And not just skin deep friendships but those friendships that go straight for the jugular.

First and foremost, we are created with a huge God-vacancy in our hearts.  And until we acknowledge that vacancy and fill our needy souls with the fellowship of our Creator and Father, we will spend our days as a lonely, hopeless drifter.  Relationships with others will never progress and will fall apart more than be patched up.  Without our abandonment in friendship with God, we cannot realize the depth of human fellowship for which we’ve been created and for which we long for.

I realize that by now you think I’ve journeyed down a twisted rabbit trail never to find my way back to my original thought. (welcome to my world) 🙂  However, what got me thinking down this line was the goodbyes that have punctuated my life of late.

On November 17 I said my final goodbye to my beloved dad.  That was the conclusion of 6 previous painful goodbyes while he lingered after life support was pulled, never knowing if I would be present for his final breath.  That is by far the most painful of goodbyes.  And with every goodbye, I would remember the flippant goodbye of my last phone conversation with him just hours before his accident that rendered him unconscious for the ensuing month.  Oh the myriad of things I would have told him/asked him if I would have known that would be my last two-sided conversation with my dad, my hero, my corner-post, if you will.  But after his last breath was drawn there was still the awful, deep-seated horror of saying goodbye to his earthly body and watching it descend into the cold dark grave.  The pain and grief of goodbye has never been so deep before.

On a different level, I recently said goodbye to a country that has stolen my heart – the day I left Haiti.  And I left some of my dearest friends behind.  I think perhaps the goodbyes were so much more poignant because of my recent reality check that we aren’t guaranteed a reunion with our loved ones here on earth.  You never know which goodbye will be the last contact with your loved one here on earth.

In all of this lengthy blurb, I think what I am reaching for is this: Live your life in soul intimacy regardless of the pain that will most likely strike.  And please leave nothing unsaid that you wish for your loved ones to know.  Allow trusted friends into the very depths of your heart and soul.  I can attest that the light of love and friendship is at first very harsh in the deep, dark recesses of your heart where none have scuba-dived before.  But yet in that harshness and vulnerability, there permeates a certain comfort in the knowledge that you are loved at the very core of your being.

Most of all, though, I urge you to allow Your Savior, Your Lover, Jesus Christ, to enter into even those areas of your heart that you may not allow human presence.  Jesus will never grieve you with a debilitating hurt.  And best of all, there are no painful goodbyes with our Redeemer or our Creator Father because He dwells within each of His children forever.  No one or nothing can come between us and no one can pluck us out of His loving hands.


One thought on “Good-byes

  1. Whoa girl! You had me freaked for half a second there into thinking you were saying goodbye to your blog. Am mighty grateful to note that is not the case. 🙂
    Guess what? I followed you down the bunny trail! Again. And it made sense to me. Again. What are friends for if not to chase you down a twisting, brush pile heaped, bunny trail? RABBITS!!! I just stumbled over that one. 😦 LOL
    Never mind my meanderings or you'll be the lost one!
    It is so true, goodbyes can be such painful things. On the other hand, we cheerily say goodbye how many times a day, never expecting that this one might be the last. What a huge differevnce it makes when you recognize every day that this day might be your last, or someone else's that you ocme in contact with. If we are truly living in the light of eternity, we live our lives differently than we do when we are just expecting tomorrow to be what today was. I suppose this is why Jesus told us to “Watch and pray”.
    And now I think I better watch it or next I'll be making your blog my blog! Not a good thing 🙂
    Praying God would heap His blessing of love and strength and comfort upon you today and always.
    Loving you Girlfriend! ~Ju

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